Emilia Gallo - International Professional Speaker,
Consultant and Author



I have always believed a very simple philosophy: developing people will lead to business success. I know through experience that done effectively, the continued investment in your people will show a return on your investment regardless of the current economic climate.

This concept remains at the top of the Human Capital agenda as exceptional individuals continue to be the defining factor in determining whether a company will lead in its industry or follow.

  • Talent Management
  • Driving Employee Potential
  • Strengthening Leadership Capabilities
  • Driving your employee productivity and effectiveness

Emilia has an established track record in delivering
solutions which impact people performance

Talent Management Solutions

Supporting you to Acquire, Align, Assess and Develop new employee talent

Human Capital Solutions

Developing human capital strategies to increase productivity and improve efficiency

Change Management

Realize the potential in change and creating positive strategies to harness and implement changes for a more profitable and diverse business

Successful people know the most critical investment
you can make is in yourself



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Using judgement, patience, motivation, delegation.


Opens doors to innovation, creation and unimagined possibilities.


Sharing vision, passion and drive. Maximizing people potential.